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Nina Verma, founder of Collegiate Endeavors, earned her undergraduate degrees in Biological Basis of Behavior (Neuroscience) and English from the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, she worked in Washington D.C., where she also continued to pursue her passion for helping children with their educational aspirations. Nina received her graduate degree in Health Policy and Management from Columbia University in New York. Upon moving to Texas with her husband, she worked in her field while assisting students and their families to navigate high school. As her own students worked with her from entering high school to graduation, she realized the need for a more comprehensive approach to the college selection and application process. Thus, Collegiate Endeavors was born.


Collegiate Endeavors specifically caters to the needs of individual students who are embarking on their college journey. Nina ensures that students receive a personalized approach to finding the “best fit” colleges based on their academic background, interests, goals, and preferences. In order to provide the most informed knowledge about universities around the country and the entire application process, Nina has attended IECA’s Summer Training Institute, visited dozens of colleges, and attended several conferences. She has also been awarded membership to prestigious educational consulting organizations, including the Independent Educational Consultants Association and Higher Education Consultants Association. With the experience she has gained and the information she continues to acquire, Nina is proud to help numerous students achieve their collegiate endeavors.


"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
- Williams Arthur Ward

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