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“I have always been passionate about the medical field and so picking a major was not difficult, but choosing school was! There were so many schools and straight medical programs I was interested in that my list of schools probably ranged over 30. Nina helped me focus on what I really wanted in a university and eliminate schools that wouldn’t fit me. She helped me organize the process with her “super-­binder” and a concise checklist. The combination of Nina’s encouraging motivation and detailed organization were priceless during my college process.”

- Lisa M.

“I loved working with Nina. I talked to her about anything and everything. She is so sweet and she would always give me a realistic view on everything, which was very helpful.

- Audriana S.

“Nina is very, very organized and I found this to be very helpful, as I tend to procrastinate a lot. She helped me to stay on top of a schedule, and to get things turned in on time. Also, if I ever needed help with anything other than just essays, I’d send her a quick email, and always get a quick response back from her with a detailed answer/suggestion as to what I should do.

- Michelle P.

"The reason I picked Nina as my college planner in the beginning was because I needed "specialized attention." I didn't know what I wanted to pursue in college and especially didn't know which schools I wanted to apply to. Nina helped me figure out what path was right for me to take in college and because of her I finally feel confident about my future. Without the individualized attention I wouldn't have been able to be such a strong applicant!"

- Karan M.



"I really like the way Nina responds to me individually. I need information on my kid, so I like that she spoke with me about my son’s progress. She returned my texts and emails right away. We enjoyed working with Nina. She was straightforward and quickly identified my son's strengths and weaknesses."

- Martha H.

"Nina helped us break down the application process and make it 'doable.' She is amazing and I highly recommend her to all students. Nina gave my son the proper tools to complete this process. Things have changed drastically since we went to school and we needed Nina’s expertise. Nina communicated directly with our son. This was helpful because it gave him ownership of this process rather than us. Her style is perfect with teenagers. She is young enough to relate, but just old enough to gain the respect of the students."

- Mary R.

"My daughter wanted to attend college outside Texas, and Nina helped her narrow down choices, gather information about schools, and complete applications. The fact that Nina visited the campuses my daughter was interested in really helped as we would not have been able to visit so many schools around the country. Having Nina made the selection process so much easier too by being in the know about colleges, and being available by phone, text, or e-mail for my daughter. Once we received acceptance letters, Nina continued helping us and counseled my daughter about how to decide on a college."

- Carolyn M.

"Nina is much younger than most others in this business and that really enables her to relate to the students. She has a way of getting to know each student personally that makes the college process much easier for them and not feel like school. She maintains a fun relationship with the student while staying very professional - something I know the students as well as the parents appreciate very much. She also identifies each student's weak spots and adjusts the calendar/curriculum to fit specific needs because she is able to relate to them on such a great level."

- Anju M.

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