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The Freshman & Sophomore Package

We begin advising students as early as ninth grade. High school goes by very quickly and without proper planning students may not maximize their full potential. We analyze academic records, help families create a plan for high school, and provide suggestions for extracurricular activities. Additionally, in the middle of sophomore year, we discuss standardized test options and student strengths. This package provides basic assistance to families during the early high school years, while also preparing them for junior and senior years.

The Regional Package

This package is specifically designed for students who are sure that they would like to attend university in Texas and surrounding states. Students receive assistance with college selection based on their academic background, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities. Additionally, the ApplyTexas system is unique and this package offers comprehensive guidance with the application process and essays required.

Graduate School Packages

These packages are for individuals who are applying to various graduate schools including medical and law schools. Timeframe required for graduate school applications varies, but encompasses our entire comprehensive package (as outlined to the right).  For medical and law schools, the timeframe is about one year.  For other graduate programs, the schedule is generally shorter.  Individuals who may be interested should contact Collegiate Endeavors for specific details. 

The Comprehensive Package

This is the most inclusive package to provide complete guidance with the college process from selection, to applications, to essays, to ultimate decisions. We initially meet with students and their parents to gain a better perspective of their desires. From there, we meet with students during weekly meetings to discuss academic background, interests, preferences, learning styles, and goals in order to select “best fit colleges.” After that, we begin the application process, which also includes regular sessions for essay development and revision.


This package includes:

- Review academic record

- Plan for activities after junior year

- Conduct in-depth interview on university preferences

- Offer career planning

- Refine choices for colleges

- Create a plan for successful college visits

- Prepare a list of colleges uniquely suited to the student

- Create organizational timeline

- Provide a binder of resources

- Brainstorm ideas and edit major essays

- Edit supplemental essays for up to 12 colleges

- Review of applications

- Provide practice for college interviews

- Assist with final college decisions

"Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardour and diligence."
- Abigail Adams
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